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Fujifil Acuity - Plasma AC

Please note that ink properties such as weather resistance and adhesion may vary according to the substrate use.Please test materials prior to commercial use. Difficult substrates may benefit from the use of Bordeaux primers before printing.* Bordeaux proprietary Mix & Match concept, enabling on-the-fly conversion of the original ink to Bordeaux without the need to flush, replace parts or perform new color profiles in most configurations. The “Mix” only technology enables conversion of specified OEM inks to Bordeaux without the need to flush or replace parts.** The user must refer to Bordeaux warranty program and liability

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Bordeaux’s PLASMA AC, UV curable ink, is a printer specific solution for Fujifilm Acuity, that delivers precise color reproduction and very high printing performance on a wide range of rigid and flexible media.

Optimal performance on Fujifilm Acuity UV flatbed series printers.

Unique benefits


  • Mix* with Uvijet KI and Uvijet KO

  • Easy plug and print installation with minimum downtime

  • Excellent adhesion on rigid and flexible substrates and objects

  • No need to flush before installation

  • High pigment content for vibrant colors

  • Up to 2 years outdoor durability without lamination**



Additional Information




2L bag (1L bag – White only)