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Bordeaux is an important partner to Ultimatum Inkjet Support, offering potential OEM compatible printer specific ink without the worry of machine damage thanks to the extensive research and equipment at their factory. The company presents a unique combination of R&D and production capabilities. Their experienced team, PhDs and qualified scientists, acquired extensive experience in developing quality inks on demand while adhering to the strict clients’ specifications and challenges.

As our partner, you would be a part of a technologically innovative operation which creates new customers, sets industry trends, supplies exceptional value to its customer and  builds quality standards of service and support which are second to none.

We offer our expertise to customers and support their machines while all you have to do is supply the ink withou the need for any machine modification or flushing. Already many customers are benifiting from our alternative ink and making an impressive saving without compromise to their equipment.

Ultimatum offers potential partners discreet partnership programs who will work closely to cater to your needs, diversify your offering, secure market share and giving you a nice profit with minimum input. If you'd like to know more please fill in the form and we'll arrange a chat.

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